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6 Emotional Health Benefits Of Gardening

August 11, 2017 admin 2 min read No Comments

6 Emotional Health Benefits Of Gardening

August 11, 2017 AUHStyle Contributor 2 min read No Comments
6 Psychological Health Benefits Of Gardening

RESEARCH reveals that gardening has constructive impacts on our emotional health. Recently, I am aware of this fact, but I do gardening from my childhood. Wherever I live, I always have a little garden in my balcony. As an introvert person and a big fan of nature, it is my little effort to bring nature near me. However, this post is not for telling my personal story. There are many benefits of gardening, through this post you will be introduced 6 emotional health benefits of gardening.

1. Looking at plants helps us to relax

Flowers are beautiful to look at, even the green leaves. When we see the plants, trees and even green grasses, it allows us to escape from the hassles of our daily lives.

2. Gardening helps to concentrate on work

When we work long hours, particularly who we are in creative professions, a break that we decide to spend with plants helps us to bring back concentration in the work again.

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Swamp Morning Glory in my balcony

3. Gardening builds our sense of responsibility

Gardening helps us to learn responsibility for other living things. Gardening helps children to develop love and reverence for nature.

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4. Spending time with nature releases joyful hormones

Things those are good for our body is also good for our mind. Working in the garden is kind of exercise that raises the level of serotonin and dopamine hormones that help us to feel good.

Rose in my little garden

5. Gardening connects us with Mother Nature

We all are the part of Mother Nature. Gardening helps us to remind our connection with Nature and becomes closer.

6. Gardening is creating something worthy

Gardening means you are creating something really beautiful. There are always some pleasures in digging for plantation, watering for growth and finally, seeing your garden bloom.

Jasmine (in Bangla Beli) in my balcony

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Gardening is an easy and inexpensive hobby. Gardening can give you the pleasure of creating something incredible. In my case, sitting at the desk all day and in the evening putting my hands in the dirt of my garden gives me a relax.

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