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6 Small Lifestyle Changes To Bring The Biggest Impacts

August 4, 2018 admin 2 min read No Comments

6 Small Lifestyle Changes To Bring The Biggest Impacts

August 4, 2018 AUHStyle Contributor 2 min read No Comments


SOME simple lifestyle changes can lead you to big improvements in life. Based on real practices and experiences of real people, this post offers you the small list of changes that you can apply immediately.


1. Live in the present, but

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People use to say “just live in the present moment,” of course, you should focus more on your present, but for an improved present, you shouldn’t forget the past learning. It’s only the learning, not the bad memory of past. Also, to make your present energetic, you need to be futuristic, if not, you never know when the sun has set.


2. Create goal-oriented plan

Knowing your goals can stop you to waste time, energy, and attention in less important actions in life. Having clarity of goal can help you to make active decisions, influence your mind process, and bring your focus to relevant things.


3. Drink fresh water

Drink fresh water (Image – Lifehacker)

Drinking fresh water has only benefits, doesn’t have any negative side effect. Just like oxygen, water is needed for an abundantly energized life. Your body loses fluids constantly; drinking water is essential to replace the loss. You become dehydrated when the intake water in your body is not equal to the output.

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4. Oxygenate your body

Exercise helps us to oxygenate our body, but when we work long hours without a little movement due to lack of time or situation, it starves most of our body cells. You can nourish your body cells just following the breathing technique regularly. Take a deep breath in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth slowly.


5. Exercise regularly

Take exercise regularly (Image – Livestrong)

Exercise regularly is one of the few best ways to energize you physically and mentally. Physical activity maximizes your ability to focus and be productive for rest of the time in a day. In my case, doesn’t matter whenever I wake up early or late in the morning, my first action is to do some workout.

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6. Limit sweet beverages

I’m not going to tell you to stop consuming sweet beverages but limit it. Drinks containing more sugars may increase the risks of weight gain. Also, the sugary beverages are not healthy for our teeth and teeth are an essential part of our beauty. To maintain your attractive shape and prevent risks of certain diseases, think before crossing your sugar consuming limit.


In the end, an Irish lifestyle proverb for you — “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”

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