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9 Exclusive Green Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

June 28, 2018 admin 3 min read No Comments

9 Exclusive Green Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

June 28, 2018 AUHStyle Contributor 3 min read No Comments
9 Exclusive Green Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

GREEN gifts are exclusive and unique; it can save your money while saving the earth. Such selective gifts help to reduce the carbon level in our environment and also encourage others to change their habits. If you want to make your loved ones pleased and contribute to the environment at the same time, you can check our list of green gift ideas.

1. Growable Gifts

Plants are the most useful and beautiful gifts that come with a low price. Potted plants are excellent green gift ideas and loved by many people. However, when you choose a potted plant, you should find the one comes with an attractive pot and a practical plant, means usable in home decoration sometimes.

Growable Gift
Growable Gifts (Image Source – Lifestorage)

2. Food Gifts

If you want to give a gift someone who loves cooking or maybe culinary-minded you can select homemade cookies, crackers, candy, jams, or tea kit as gifts. Such gifts become special because it expresses your love for the person and also your effort.


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3. Handmade Gifts

One of my cousin sisters uses to make bracelets and other types of gifts for her friends before every friendship day. She also gifts me one of those beautiful choices. However, if you are a crafty person like my sister, you can make gift items by yourself with recycling things or cheap raw materials. Some ideas include candles, jewelry, jute crafts, and others.

Handmade Gifts
Handmade Gifts (Image Credit – AUHBD Contributor)

4. Green Bags

You can gift green bags that are made of environment-friendly materials (e.g., jute, cloths) or reusable materials (e.g., reusable plastic). Eco-friendly bags come with a range of varieties, such as holiday bag, lunch bag, pouch bag, landscape bag, etc. When you or your friends are using green bags, you are actually making a difference to the environment.

5. Bonsai Trees

If you want to gift something unique and distinctive you can consider bonsai. Bonsai trees come in different types and sizes and the best green gift for anyone for any occasion. They are great gifts for a wide variety of people of all ages.

Bonsai Trees
Bonsai Trees (Image Source – Bonsaiempire)

6. Waste Bins

Gifting a good-looking waste bin can change someone’s lousy waste management habit and can be counted as your great movement toward saving the planet. Also, you can gift vermin-compost bin to your friends who have gardens. The vermin-compost bin helps to recycle food waste.


When you are choosing green gifts, you are actually making a difference to the environment”AUHBD – Journey to Beauty.


“Choose Green Gifts. Save Your Money. Save Our Earth” — AUHBD – Journey to Beauty.


7. Sustainable Gifts

When we gift someone, we should find items that may be his/her preference. If we don’t know their choice, then we should search for some sustainable items, such as movie tickets or show tickets, membership in an outdoor club, music or dance lessons, foreign language lessons, etc.

8. Eggling

Eggling can be a cute green gift for patient amateur gardeners in any age. You can purchase the economic eggling from the online or offline shop. Only instruction you need to follow is crack it, pour water regularly, and watch to grow in a week. You can grow strawberries, lavender, sunflower, and more.

Eggling (Image Source – Internet)

9. Gardening Items

You can gift your friends a seed package with their favorite types of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. You can also add other gardening tools to the seed package. Even if you want you can work with your friends in planting the seeds in their garden. Adding a terrarium to the box can also be a cool idea.


Our loved ones search for love in our given gifts rather than knowing how costly the gifts are! When you are choosing green gifts, you are actually making a difference to the environment. Choose Green Gifts. Save Your Money. Save Our Earth.

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