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A Heartfelt Poem “Single Magpie Singing”

July 28, 2018 admin 2 min read No Comments

A Heartfelt Poem “Single Magpie Singing”

July 28, 2018 AUHBD 2 min read No Comments
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Single Magpie Singing


Winter got farewell days ago.

All varied buds are leaves now,

Which sprouted in the spring wind.


From when the spring dwelled

A magpie is singing…

Singing in the lithe morning

Singing in the loose evening

Singing in the lone darkness.


Sometimes the skyey airy tune-

Sounds slow, tired, and fatigued.

Sometimes the blissful melody-

Blows a scream of a broken heart.


Though, the celestial spring is counting adieu,

And her summer sister is dressing to thrust into,

But the magpie is still single! Single!

Single with a dream in his tiny heart…


A dream to get a ballerina mate.

A dream to weave a lovesome nest.


Written by Asma Hosna, Dated on April 2018.

“Single Magpie Singing” by Asma Hosna
“Single Magpie Singing” by Asma Hosna

Male Magpie Singing For Mate

You can follow the link to our Youtube Channel and Listen to the clear and tuneful song of A Male Magpie singing for mate.


This magpie song is recorded in an urban area of Dhaka. It was a quite early morning but the bird’s tuneful voice forced me to wake up. I tried to find out from where it was actually singing, but except his voice, nothing was reachable :(.  The sound was really clear and felt to record. However, the images used in this video are not of that magpie, images are taken from the Internet.

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Hello, I’m Linda

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