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Welcome to AUHBD – Journey to Beauty

AUHBD is a lifestyle blog that always has something different and common to share with its audience. This blog has created to enhance the lifestyle of creative people and help the stylish people with valuable information. If you think what the particular features this site has for that you should bookmark, subscribe or follow it on social media — visit lifestyle for information and inspiration in life, visit luxury for exclusive information about luxury items, visit leisure for refreshment and new practices in life, visit culture to know about happenings and things around the world, visit literature to introduce with the works of Asma Hosna, visit craftship to enhance your creative skills in the outsourcing domain, and find contests to explore your potentiality to the world. Also, you can advertise your business on this site. For receiving our monthly newsletter that offers a glimpse into the newest features and invites you to take part in exciting reading experiences and world’s contests, SUBSCRIBE.

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About the Blog Owner

Born and raised in Bangladesh — a country of green and love, and wish to take my last breath in this beautiful country. Studied English literature, was also passionate about social work, therefore, started my career as a humanitarian professional. Later, due to introvert characteristics decided to take writing as my ultimate profession and worked as a professional Copy Writer for years. At present, working as a full-time Freelance Writer, though passionate about research, drawing, designing and sharpening my knowledge.

Love that? A more about me — I strongly believe in the Creator, who is my never-ending love. I love my mother, and I love my country. I love everything that the Universe belongs. I love nature; use to claim nature as my second mother. I like to help people intellectually and financially. I share a portion of my small earning every month with the people who need it. I believe in freedom in acts; without freedom, the taste of life remains incomplete that clearly depicted in my hobbies. In the too young age, gardening and taking care of both pet and wild birds were my hobbies. In the teenage, both paper (drawing) and living art (bonsai) were my hobbies. In the young adult age, reciting, singing, and shooting (target) were my hobbies. In this adult age, growing my presence in the digital world and meeting people worldwide is my hobby.

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With love,

Asma Hosna

Journey to Beauty

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