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Awesome Ideas For Eid Gifts For Your Family And Relatives

August 13, 2018 admin 3 min read No Comments

Awesome Ideas For Eid Gifts For Your Family And Relatives

August 13, 2018 AUHStyle Contributor 3 min read No Comments
Awesome Ideas For Eid Gifts For Your Family And Relatives


EID-AL-ADHA is one of two great Islamic festivals, which is also called the “Festival of Sacrifice.” Exchanging eid gifts is the part of celebrating this fiesta with family and relatives. This gift-giving practice makes the festival more festive.

Eid-Al-Adha is on the way of the home; definitely, you are planning some pleasant gifts for your family and relatives. This post can help you in the gift planning with innovative and smart ideas.



Beautiful outfits are the best gifts for your children and also for your family members. On Eid day, we all wear new or clean dresses. With new outfits, Eid becomes more joyful for all Muslims regardless of kids, adults, and elders. It makes our enjoyment twofold.




Jewelry is one of the popular Eid gifts, which makes the most people pleased. Giving jewelry items to your loved ones in Eid can make the festival more memorable. You can choose both simple and gorgeous ornaments for your lovely wife, daughter, mother, and sister. You can also choose jewelry items for the men in your family, but it should be small and smart jewelry items.

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Accessories are also great eid gifts for men as they appreciate personalized accessories. You can consider wallets, cufflinks, collar pins, key rings, and ties for your special man. Giving such personalized items can help him to feel unique and make you special in his life.


Decor Items

Decor Items

We redecorate our home before both Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha. It gives us a different pleasure. Home décor items are intelligent eid gift ideas for those who use to fit-out the stuff before the festivals. In your family, who use to do the activity, you can make their pleasure twofold by gifting unique décor items. You can prefer candles, dishes, jars, pillow covers, painting, and artwork. It will be an effective gift if you can know what the person needs or would like as gifts.


“To make your gift effective, choose a gift for someone that the person needs or wants.”—AUHStyle


Islamic Items

The following Islamic items can turn your gifts the fiesta specific:


Attar: Muslims use attar during Eid festivals. Attars are awesome eid gifts; with its sweet fragrances can provide a traditional touch in the new attires of your relatives.

Prayer Mat:
I got a prayer mat gift from my grandpa years ago. It still looks new and reminds of the beautiful memories with my grandpa. A designed prayer mat can be a great gift for children; it may inspire them to pray. It’s also a great gift for your elders or any Muslim adult in your family.

Holy Book

Holy Book: Once I got a Quran as a gift translated into Bengali, my native language. Then it took me the least time to read the whole Quran. Translated Quran can be the best gift. It can help people to understand the meaning of the Quran in their language.

Holy Book Stand: Giving holy book stand can be an excellent gift for your elders. It shows to them your respect for the holy book.

Islamic Books: Islamic books can be used as eid gifts. The books can help people to understand the religion better.


Food as Gifts

Give food as gifts

Ever you think about food gifts! My aunts, cousins visit my grandma with cooked foods on the Eid day. My mom also uses to send special cooked foods for her nieces and nephew. On Eid day, you can visit your relative’s home with food gifts. As gifts, you can prefer both light and heavy foods, such as Biryani, Pulao, Meat Curry, Cake, Pudding, Chocolate, etc.


“We can’t imagine children without new dresses in Eid. But the world’s bad luck, not all children on earth are equally blessed with parents or their parents’ ability. In the upcoming Eid, can we gift a new dress at least one child who is living in poverty?”– AUHStyle


So, what are your gift-giving ideas for this Eid? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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