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Belizean Arts, Artists and Art Galleries

January 13, 2018 admin 2 min read 3 Comments

Belizean Arts, Artists and Art Galleries

January 13, 2018 AUHStyle Contributor 2 min read 3 Comments
Belizean Arts, Artists and Art Galleries

BELIZEAN arts are quite exciting for quality and variety of arts and artists. The specialty of Belizean arts is ethnic art forms of Caribbean lifestyle. Most of the local artists are influenced by the Caribbean lifestyle, such as seascape, amazing landscape, street scene, Garifuna artwork and animal paintings.

Belizean Art by Lee Vanderwalker

Some of the Belizean artists are Walter Castilo, Curvin Mitchel, Pen Caytano, Jorge Landero, Eduardo Garcia,  Nelson Young, Orlando, Leo Vasquez, Carolyn Carr, Pamela Braun, Alissa Reid, Amy Brown, and Katrina Samuels. They are famous for their individuality in arts. For example, Savanna Redman’s drawings cover a wide range of subjects like oil paintings of rainforest animals and tropical fishes, watercolor paintings of wildflowers, turtles, tree frogs, hummingbirds and so on.

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Walter Castilo was a self-taught artist, his use of colors and people in paintings are full of life spring. After completing his 1st exhibition in England he becomes an international artist. Island Dog Art is a collection of incredible drawings of the island, Mike Gvara illustrated the scenes from the beach of San Pedro. Amy Brown crafts the ceramic sculpture and oil paintings of tropical fish, flowers, sailing, and diving.

Belizean Arts by Orlando Garrido

There are several art galleries in Belize that represent the legendary fine arts. These galleries have a large selection of arts in a variety of styles, formats, and sizes. Belizean art gallery is famous for ethnic arts from the Caribbean life view.  This gallery has a diverse collection of original paintings, masks, ceramics, carvings and more. It is an incredible resource for Belizean and Caribbean arts. In the gallery, you will get artworks of Pen Cayetano, Walter Castillo, Nelson Young, Leo Vasquez, Piva, Eduardo Garcia, Curvin Mitchell.

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Sen Pendro Art Gallery, once this Gallery opened to assist the artists like Leo Vasquez, Edgar Gomez, Jorge Landero, Chuy, Linares, and Edwin Mouo. And also, Reid Studio, where Alissa Reid’s contemporary acrylic and oil paintings captured luscious landscapes and reflections on the human experience.

If you are thinking of where to go on your next vacation, you can visit Belize and the galleries of Belizean arts to make your vacation memorable for years.

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