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What’s The Side Business You Can Do When Freelancing?

January 1, 2017 admin 3 min read 1 Comment

What’s The Side Business You Can Do When Freelancing?

January 1, 2017 AUHStyle Contributor 3 min read 1 Comment

IN recent days, freelancing is a highly attractive career choice. Flexibility in work is the top driver of outsourcing work while finding work is the top barrier. It takes times to find the preferred job but in the meantime, you can grow a side business without any investment or prior experience, such as PTC business.

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Build your PTC business

It will be your own business if you’re sincere about reaching your target. The way of earning could not make you rich overnight, but it can supplement your current wages. You can start earning from the first day though it depends on your level of efforts to get the business as your steady finance source.

Paid to Click (PTC) was my first step to earn money online when freelancing. For the move, you need nothing than the basic computer and internet using skills, a good internet connection, and a strong determination.

What are the PTC sites?

PTC is an online business venture that works as a mediator between advertisers and clients. Advertisers pay the PTC sites for displaying ads to draw traffic on their sites. PTC sites receive money from the advertisers and give a portion of payments to the viewers (clients) for viewing the ads. Thus you will be paid for viewing those ads. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online.

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How to start earning from PTC sites?

You can sign up for many PTC sites but only one account in one site. May you open one more account on the same site but you will be paid once from one IP address.  Otherwise, your account will cancel and money will suspend whenever they found you.

The Best Traffic Exchange

After completing the registration procedure you have to click on view ads or surf ads whatever the sites recommend you to do. Click on the list of shown advertisements and wait until the money is credited to your account.  Do the same thing to other sites and keep doing every day.  Keep in mind, if you use any kind of auto clicking software programs then you will lose your account and all your earnings.

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How many PTC sites should you join?

If you are serious about earning through the PTC sites, you can earn $100 a month from one site. Some people earn a big money only from the two sites— Cliksense and Neobux. It’s wise to join 10 or more sites together since you can earn more revenue investing equal time that you need to run fewer sites. A list of best 10 sites and main features of earning.

ClixSense: View ads, Referral, Offers and Surveys, CrowdFlower Tasks, Membership Upgrades, etc.

Neobux: View ads, Referral, Video Ads, Points, Coins, Mini Jobs, Membership Upgrades, etc.

Buxp: Website Ads, Video Ads, Video Offers, Tasks, Offer Wall, Affiliate Program, Traffic Exchange, etc.

Buxvertise: View Ads, Wheel of Bux, Super Rewards, PeanutLabs, Offers, AdWorkMedia, Icon Cash, BuxGrid, Refer Members, etc.

Scarlet-clicks: View Ads, Referral Signups, ScarletGrid, PTCWall, Paid To Signup Offers, etc.


Jillsclickcorner: View Sites, Referral, Regular Sites, Search Sites, Sales, Raffle, Paid To Signup Offers, etc.

Ayuwage: View Sites, Referral, Regular Sites, Search Sites, Task Sites, Survey Sites, Live Sites, etc.

Innocurrent: View Sites, Referral, Explore Sites, Email Sites, Search Sites, Survey Sites, Live Sites, etc.

Easyhits4u: Surfing website, Referral Signups, Rewards, Promoting Others PTC Links, etc.

Familyclix: View Ads, Paid to Signup offers, FamilyGrid, Matomy Money, MinuteStaff, Clixwall, Payment Proof Bonus, etc.

InnoCurrent Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

Look back soon for more on building your PTC Business!

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