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How To Create A Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

January 16, 2017 admin 3 min read No Comments

How To Create A Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

January 16, 2017 AUHStyle Contributor 3 min read No Comments

TELL your story powerfully– PowerPoint presentation is the best way to present your business story to your audience. The audience is significantly important to achieve your business goal through your presentation. Keep your presentation simple as much as possible but rich with necessary information to attract your audience.

PowerPoint, the software is designed to display graphical information that supports a narrator or speaker to present a speech to the audience. The audience comes to hear the narrator and goes back informed through the presentation. Here you will get a comprehensive guide, including both writing and design on creating a powerful PowerPoint presentation. In addition, many sites offer custom PowerPoint design services, such as Freelancer, 99designs and Fiverr you can also check them if preferred.

Writing Your Presentation

Don’t go directly to the slides for entering text. Write your content first and keep it simple as much as possible.

Choosing topic

After selecting your topic, write down everything that comes to your mind about the topic. Do some research if need. Gather all ideas possible so you can select the best ones later. Keep all ideas in the first step, don’t dismiss any idea. You can ask your colleagues or other persons to broaden your ideas.

Organizing ideas

Now identify the most relevant points. For doing this, think about your audience to determine the level (how much formal it will be) of your presentation. Highlight the most important points. Keep in your mind, the presentation is an argument that you are going to win, not to lose.

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Editing text

The message you want to communicate should be simple but effective. Make your start strong as well as your end. Leave some spaces blank so your audience can take breathe. Don’t fill slides with a lot of text because it can make your presentation boring to your audience. No text dependency in your presentation.

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Designing Your Presentation

An effective PowerPoint presentation needs to communicate without interruption. Only a good design can make your presentation Powerful.

Selecting color and font

The color of the slide and font of the text should be comfortable for your audience. Keep your slides clean as much as possible. Choose a simple color palette(s), and a standard font(s) and sizes for the main and minor points.

Adding text

Use one slide for one idea. Use bullet points and keep it limited as well. Don’t include much text on your slides. PowerPoint is just a support, not a replacement of your speech. A presentation is meaningless without the speaker.

Using images

Use only those graphical images that clearly communicate your content. Good quality images will bring your presentation to a higher level of professionalism. Using your own photographs and graphic arts will make your presentation unique. Do not fill spaces with unnecessary graphical images or logo.

You can also hire freelance PowerPoint writers and designers online if you have no time to make it own. They offer custom PowerPoint services with a reasonable rate of price. Let them help you with your presentation. You can also start a contest on some sites, such as 99desins.

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