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6 Ways To Keep Your Goldfish Healthy And Happy

October 1, 2017 admin 2 min read 1 Comment

6 Ways To Keep Your Goldfish Healthy And Happy

October 1, 2017 AUHStyle Contributor 2 min read 1 Comment
Keep Goldfish Healthy And Happy

GOLDFISH are ideal pet fish and available in the most pet stores. Goldfish are easy to own but tough to keep it healthy and happy if you don’t know how to care. I will suggest you do some research before purchasing it, so you can take a better care. My first goldfish had died due to overeating. As I was a novice in that time and fed it as it wanted.

Goldfish (image Pinterest)

However, I have listed 6 ways based on my personal experience and research to keep your goldfish healthy and happy. It can help those who are passionate about their lovely goldfish.

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Keep Goldfish Happy

1. Learn Your Goldfish’s Needs

Goldfish perform best in the aquarium and the aquarium size depends on the number of goldfish you want to keep there. A standard aquarium contains 10 gallons (37.9 L) waters. If you want more goldfish it will require larger aquarium.

2. Decorate The Aquarium Well

Decorate the aquarium with stones, plants, marble and other ornaments, but leave one-third of the total space for swimming of your goldfish. Rearrange decoration for a new playground when you change water.

3. Interact With Your Goldfish

While feeding your goldfish, you can train it some simple things like ring a bell for food. Keep your goldfish with similar types of fishes so the goldfish don’t get hurt by other spice.

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Keep Goldfish Healthy

4. Perform Water Change

You should change the water weekly or as required and maintain the quality of water in the aquarium. Based on goldfish number and aquarium size, maximum 50 percent water change weekly is enough. Treat the aquarium water with medicine or chemical suggested by goldfish sellers.

5. Choices Of Its Food

Feed your goldfish regularly with a variety of food choices, including live or frozen foods. The great food choices are shrimp, clam, daphnia, bloodworms, boiled lettuce, night crawlers and others.

6. Handle Its Large Appetites

Goldfish have large appetites and graze for food continually. Don’t let your goldfish to make you fool by their hunger. Feed it regularly with a limited amount, even you see they are grousing around for food.

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Knowing the requirements of your goldfish and the signs of anguish or syndrome can help you keep your goldfish healthy and happy. You won’t believe but it’s sometimes true that goldfish can live around 50 years if it gets a healthy environment and proper care.

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