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One Night Guest — A Short Story

September 1, 2017 admin 3 min read 3 Comments

One Night Guest — A Short Story

September 1, 2017 AUHStyle Contributor 3 min read 3 Comments

One Night Guest — A Short Story

“HEY, little man! Where are you from?” the girl asked the kitten.

“Oh! How do I know it’s a ‘he’ kitten?  Ok, I guess.” This is her old habit, talking with self. The girl found the tiny kitten in the staircase when she was coming back at home. The kitty was sitting in a corner of the stair, afraid and probably hungry. Outside was dark; the sun went to set almost one hour before.

She loved cat a lot and wanted one as her pet. But her mother didn’t like pet animals because they make homes dirty.

She seated beside the kitten and was trying to make an intimacy. The kitty was looking not afraid anymore, it was looking at her with its pairs of curious eyes. Street cats normally run away from humans, but that appearance was telling a different thing; maybe it’s receiving the affection.

“Oh! It’s too late, I should go home…” she stood up with hurry, but couldn’t step forward. “I can’t leave it here alone” she mumbled. “Hey, would like to be a guest in my home for tonight?” She asked the kitten. “Then come with me …”

Perhaps the kitten understood what the girl said. It started to follow the girl’s footsteps. They reached the front door. She knocked the door. Her younger sister opened it but the girl was hesitating to enter inside. After some moments, she whispered to her sister “I got a kitty outside; ask mom can we come inside?”

“What’s that?” her younger sister asked in reply and shocked.

“It’s a street kitten.” She told.

Their mom came and asked, “What’s happening here?”

“I have got a kitten on the stair, will you allow it just for tonight, please!” she told her mom with a low voice. “It’s too young to survive in the outside world. It’s already lost its tail” she was speaking so fast. “I will take care of it, train it well so that it doesn’t make our home dirty” her voice raised instantly.

“Oh! You have already made a big plan for one night! Okay, bring it.” Mom smiled and mumbled alone “why humans are so cruel to the innocent animals!”

Then the two sisters decided to give a good bath to the kitten with soap and shampoo. “Oh! My Goodness! Its body full of lice!” they shouted together. They discovered one thing today for the first time that cat has a phobia to the water.  It was shaking after the bath. The older sister wrapped it up with clothes and put it on her lap.  It was looking so comfortable on her lap.

They made a small home for it and served food in a small pot. But the kitten was not ready to leave the lap of love.

The cat was not only black, also very bad-looking and without a tail, it’s looking so weird. The power of love removed all the boundaries in an hour and the one night guest became a family member.

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