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Practical Gift Ideas For Friends And Cousins

September 5, 2018 admin 3 min read No Comments

Practical Gift Ideas For Friends And Cousins

September 5, 2018 AUHStyle Contributor 3 min read No Comments


GIVING gift is a familiar practice in most of the world’s cultures. In major festivals, gifts are at the core of the interactions among friends and also cousins. You may wonder why I’ve used friends and cousins as a group. In my opinion, a cousin is two persons in one human figure. We treat or be treated by our cousins as family and also as a friend. However, this post is for gift ideas, not for praising of our cousins so leaving it for another post.


If you are thinking of giving gifts to your friends and cousins who are also like buddies, here are some gift ideas to help with your planning.


Gift Cards

Gift cards

Gift cards are always the best gifts in any festivals. When I was a student, giving gift cards to my cousins and friends was one of my favorite festival activities. Indeed, gift cards are evergreen gifts that never become old-fashioned. You can buy simple, beautiful, and stylish cards from both online and physical shops near you. You can also make cards yourself; it will be an amazing gift for the ones who will receive.


“Gift cards are evergreen gifts that never become old-fashioned.”– AUHStyle


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Gift Baskets

Dried-Fruits as a gift can be both practical and healthy

A gift basket is one of the most popular gifts, which you can choose for any of your friend from your both personal and professional lives. Typically, a gift basket comes with varied types of chocolates and dry fruits. A gift basket can make any of your friends and cousins happy with its sweetness!

Here are some Awesome Eid Gift Ideas.

Paper Products

Paper Products such as notebook is a classy gift

Giving paper made products can be intelligent gift ideas for your friend, especially if he or she is a writer.  For writers and word lovers, you can choose a range of paper made products from notebooks, to stationery sets, to laptop covers. It is also a good corporate gift that you can choose for your friends in the professional life.


Art Work

Gift an artwork to an art-loving friend or cousin

Artworks are the best gifts for your friends or cousins at any age or with any relationship status. We all love to decorate our home and office spaces with pieces of artwork. There are both expensive and cheap artworks, however, arts are priceless.  If you think to gift an original piece of artwork, it can be highly expensive. Don’t worry; there are also copies of original artwork in the market you can purchase with your targeted budget.

Gift idea for your special person – Promise Ring Is A Symbol Of Endless Love And Affection.


Cookware as a gift is very practical for a friend who loves to cook

Cookware is the best gift for your cousins, who love to cook or collect cookware. Cookware can be a useful gift for your newly married friends.


Your little effort can easily make your gift unique. To make your gift effective, choose gifts for your special friends or cousins that he or she may need or want. We would love to hear your gift ideas in the comment section below.

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