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Solving The Translation Problems Faced By Translators When They Translate Cultural Words

December 13, 2018 admin 2 min read No Comments

Solving The Translation Problems Faced By Translators When They Translate Cultural Words

December 13, 2018 AUHStyle Contributor 2 min read No Comments

Translation can simply be defined as the process of converting one language into another. However, the process of translating several language pairs is a complex process when compared to others. For example, the words that are related to the culture should be done with care. Otherwise, these complex words can give life to completely different meanings. If such a thing happens, the piece of translation would be useless.

In order to eliminate the negative consequences that can arise as a result of translation, it is important to be aware of the theories that are associated with it.  The theories associated with translation can be divided into two main categories as text-oriented translation theories and context-oriented translation theories. These two types of theories are also known as linguistic theories and non-linguistic theories respectively.

Translate Cultural Words
Translate Cultural Words

The context-oriented theories, which are also known as linguistic theories, focus on figuring out translation as a culture based scenario. As a result, the translator pays special attention towards the Source Language Text that would be left on the audience of the target language. In here, the translator plays an ancillary role. Therefore, this method of translation has the ability to serve the primary process. When it comes to contextual oriented translation, the primary objective would be to preserve the historical and cultural facts that are surrounded by the scenario. However, the professionals know how to get the job done and if you are engaged in such a specific translation service, you can contact English Turkish document Translation Company.

When it comes to text-oriented or linguistic oriented theories of translation, importance is given to the textual and linguistic structure during the translation process. It includes the systematic framework used in translation as well. During the translation process, the translator would consider where the text belongs to. Based on that, the translator would get the opportunity to make specific choices, which need to be made during the translation process. Usually, this is the approach that is being followed when translating literary journals such as poems, form-oriented texts, technical texts, scientific texts, and news.

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