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Travel Preparation! 6 Tips Before Traveling Abroad

July 1, 2016 admin 3 min read 3 Comments

Travel Preparation! 6 Tips Before Traveling Abroad

July 1, 2016 AUHStyle Contributor 3 min read 3 Comments

If you’re going abroad for the first time, you need some travel preparation. you should make a checklist of what things you need to do before travel. Here are some handy hints to make your journey enjoyable.

Travel Preparation

Legal documents

At first, you should check your passport. If your passport expiration date is below six months, most of the countries are not going to allow you in! So apply for a new passport as early as possible. And before applying for a visa, you should check your country’s accessibility in your destination country. Some countries have rules for entrances from specific countries. You should know the requirements considering your nationality. Then apply for a visa as soon as possible because sometimes getting a visa can take a month or more time.

Health checkup

Some countries have entrance restriction against certain diseases, that’s why it’s better to check country-specific information before travel. If need, meet with your doctor, complete necessary medical procedures and getting an official certificate. If you are suffering from any disease don’t forget to bring your medicine. If you are going abroad for medical treatment purpose, be sure that you carry all necessary medical documents or scan copies of the documents giving by your doctor.

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Money matters

Don’t use your credit cards in abroad without informing your bank that you’re traveling overseas. There is a possibility to close your account if your bank thinks, the card is stolen! If you have access to an online bank, then it’s easy to transfer and withdraw money while you’re abroad.

Share with others

Inform your loved ones before traveling, so that they can contact you. Online social sites are the best to keep in touch with your friends and family. You can set up a blog too, it’s free and easy. Request your neighbors to keep an eye on your home or pets or post deliveries while you’re gone. Ask any of your relatives or friends to check your place regularly. Inform your landlord if you live in a rented place that you’ll be going away for a trip.

Bag or luggage packing

Packing with necessary accessories is important, especially when you are going for a longer trip. Though it depends on the destination and purpose of the travel, some accessories are available in some places similarly some are not. Try to travel as light as possible, but make sure you bring all the essential accessories, such as some clothes in your handbag for an extra change or baby wipes to freshen up if you have a baby with you. Always leave some spaces in your luggage for shopping during a trip, but don’t leave the very essential.

Collect information

If you are going to visit the place for the first time you should know more about the local customs, culture, and language. If the country is a non-English speaking country, try to learn some phrases of that language or buy a phrase book to avoid any unexpected situation. You should also aware of the weather; either you will pack extra or fewer clothes. Most importantly, you should know about the local transportation system. Don’t forget to keep your luggage close or secure when you move from one place to another. You can rich your knowledge about the country, simply visiting travel blog and travel inspiration sites online.

Take a good travel preparation because forgetting anything can create a big chaos to take the trip successfully.

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