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Two Simple Changes In Your Lifestyle And Incredible Benefits

September 19, 2018 admin 3 min read No Comments

Two Simple Changes In Your Lifestyle And Incredible Benefits

September 19, 2018 AUHStyle Contributor 3 min read No Comments
Two Simple Changes In Your Lifestyle And Incredible Benefits

This post deserves an introduction regarding what did lead me to this topic. I was looking for information on the focus of constructive lifestyle change and came to know the fact in an informal way I’ve discussed in the next part. As I found it interesting and important, I completed a deep research on it, realized its severity for men’s health, and feel to share with my audience. The second fact is highly important for women’s health and well-being, however, this knowledge was not new to me. Enjoy the post and be your own life game changer.

Small Change in Men’s Lifestyle

Replace your wallet
Replace your wallet

Dear men, find a new place for your wallet that currently maybe in your back pocket. It is not suggested to save your money from pickpocketing; it may bigger than losing some money.  This small change in your lifestyle can save you from living a painful life.

Keeping the wallet in your back pocket and sitting on it actually terrible for your back and sitting posture as well. This practice leads you to issues, such as short-term pain, deterioration, and anxiety in your nerve of the backside because when you sit on your wallet, it creates an imbalance that distorts your pelvis and hips.

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There are a great number of men who have been suffered from back pain in the lower portion of their body and the wallets are the reason for all those pains. Researches reveal that when men sit down with their wallets in the back pockets, it creates pressure on the back nerves, which lead to pain in the lower part, including leg, ankle, and foot. Men who drive cars with their wallets in the same back position are at more risk. This practice falls you at a great risk of damaging key nerves.

Try to change your old habit from today; I will suggest you do it from now. Find a new place for your weighty (!) wallet; it can be your shirt pocket or a different position. This small change in your lifestyle can bring only benefits.

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Small Change in Women’s Lifestyle

Keep aside your high heels
Keep aside your high heels

Dear women, choose comfortable lower heels for everyday use and keep aside your gorgeous high heels for special occasions. As I understand, you may wear high heels for many reasons, e.g., want you to look tall or something else. In my case, I don’t wear high-heel and also don’t prefer slippers or sandals as I care most about my comfort more than how people want to see me.

Researches make known that using high heels for the long duration can reason severe pain in the leg and lower back, bruising difficulties, ankle injuries, hammertoes, and tighten and shorten Achilles’ muscle. Wearing high heels can be a cause of enduring physiological hurt to the knees, tendons, hip, and back. It occurs because high heels create pressure to the wearers to place all of the body weight on the tiny balls of their foot, which pushes their hip and knees onward, curving the back, and bestows a twisted body posture.

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Nowadays, even teenager girls wear high heels; by doing so they are just pushing themselves at risk. Wearing high heels at such a young age when even their bodies are not wholly developed is actually making their future lives miserable. As the side effects, they can suffer from hip trouble in their adulthood and problems that create from the stress are placed on their spines and can come out as back pain in the future.

In short, you should be kind to your body because if the body doesn’t support, nothing will be possible in life.

“All our body parts deserve some rest and a good care.”

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