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Where To Go In August: List Of 6 World’s Popular Festivals

July 21, 2017 admin 3 min read 2 Comments

Where To Go In August: List Of 6 World’s Popular Festivals

July 21, 2017 AUHBD 3 min read 2 Comments
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Update on 07 July 2018

Where to Go in August

SUMMER ignites people to join outdoor events and celebrate different festivals. Festivals are living museum of world’s diverse cultures and traditions. Explore the world with summer festivals in August and be a part of the popular and famous celebrations.

Make your August more colorful through engaging yourself in the summer festivals. If you are thinking where to go in August, get the list of 6 world’s famous festivals.

1. Esala Perahera Festival

Country: Sri Lanka, Month: August 

Esala Perahera Festival (image credit- Wikimedia)

If you are thinking where to go in August for a long trip you should definitely start with this one. The Esala Perahera or Tooth Festival is a unique symbol of Sri Lanka, and an exciting festival renowned for graceful costumes. This historical procession is celebrated to give honor to the Tooth Relic of Buddha. This festival comes with loads of Sri Lankan traditional dances, such as whip-dance, fire-dance. The elephants of the festival festoon with fulsome garments. According to Sri Lankan legends, during the 4th century, the Esala Dalada Perahera had begun when Khema, one of the Buddha’s disciples brought the Sacred Tooth Relic to Sri Lanka.

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2. Elvis Week Festival

Country: The USA, Month: August

Elvis Week Festival (image credit- Tulip Travel)

The Elvis Week event takes place at Graceland on the anniversary of the King of Rock and Roll. Elvis imitators unite on Memphis, Tennessee, where Elvis Presley, the greatest proponent, and the most passionate personality died in 1977.

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3. Festival de Tango

Country: Argentina, Month: August

Festival de Tango (image credit- Pixabay)

Tango is a blend of culture, art, music and dance, and above all a fusion of European fortitude and African lavishness. Tango is a sticky and mysterious dance that has no clear origin. Many theorists state that it may have started among plebs or in Argentine’s brothels. This dance is a visual symbol of seduction that enhances lovemaking. Buenos Aires, Argentine’s capital stages this annual festival for pairs of dancers who come from around the world.

4. Qi Xi Festival

Country: China, Month: August

Qi Xi Festival (image credit- China Daily)

Qi Xi or Seven Sisters is one of the traditional Chinese festivals, which is known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. In this festival, single girls perform tasks to astound their would-be lovers. The night is also famous for showing off girls’ talents in domestic tasks. The festival is celebrated to show honor to the seven fairy sisters, who went back to Heaven after an occurrence on the earth as their youngest and most beautiful sister got married to a cowherd. Consequently, their mother became angry and created a river in the sky– the Milky Way, to separate the two lovers but Magpies flew to the Heaven and made a bridge to unite the two lovers on the past night of Qi Xi Festival.

5. La Tomatina

Country: Spain, Month: August

La Tomatina Festival (image credit- PORTALB)

La Tomatina is a famous fun festival, takes place in Valencia, Spain, though there is no significant history of how the Tomatina festival started. Since 1944, this tomato fight festival has been taken place in Bunol and for having no religious significance was banned during a great deal of the Franco years. However, the war of tomato starts in the festival day’s morning. Several small trucks filled with tomatoes go inside the town and releasing the tomatoes on the ground is the signal of the party’s beginning.

6. Notting Hill Carnival

Country: The United Kingdom, Month: August

Notting Hill Carnival (image credit- Flickr)

Notting Hill Carnival is a festival where everyone is a dancer, even who never dance. People, who take part in the carnival, take long preparation. It is one of the most popular summer festivals in London. Since 1966 on the streets of Notting Hill, this annual event has been taken place in London for two days during the Summer Bank holiday of August and preceding Sunday. 

After learning about all these festivals, by now you must have decided where to go in August.
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