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Why Is Reading So Important For Your Personality Growth?

June 23, 2018 admin 3 min read No Comments

Why Is Reading So Important For Your Personality Growth?

June 23, 2018 AUHStyle Contributor 3 min read No Comments
Why Is Reading So Important

THE second most popular cultural activity in Europe is reading books, according to the survey published by the European Commission in 2013. Visiting a public library is the seventh most popular culture, as said by the same study.

Reading is vital for many reasons as it helps us to expand our thinking ability, helps to our emotions and change things in life, and helps us to develop into the best possible. Reading helps with our journey to become the best versions of ourselves. In this post you will know why is reading so important:

Why Is Reading So Important
Why Is Reading So Important For your Personality Growth?

Makes You Smart

We encounter immeasurable occurrences in our lives in which we often don’t know how to give reactions. Human’s brain is an incredible craze that can pick information through reading and can apply it in real life situations. Reading gives us the resources as information to respond to the circumstances. Indeed, most of the incredible characters in both fantasy and real life are bookworms.

Boosts Your Brainpower

Lifting weights build your muscles and promote your physical strengths, in the same way, reading books develop your brain’s power and make it function better. Reading fiction can increase your ability to solve real-life mysteries, and reading non-fiction can augment your expertise to arguments. Indeed, bibliophiles have better analytical skills and better memory.

Improves Your Mental Abilities

As we age, our mental abilities start to fail, such as forgetting things, slowing in spiritual activities, etc. There are different ways to keep your mind sharp, such as taking exercise, eating healthily and reading books. Reading is an essential element to keep your mind youthful, and it also removes the possibility of Alzheimer. A reader, however, is less likely to develop Alzheimer as reading stimulates brains.

why reading is important
Read to Master a Language

Encourages To Achieve Life Goals

As you read, you go with other people’s life journeys, their effort, their struggles, and finally, their successes. By scanning all those inspiring stories, you may become inspired to pursue your life dreams. Reading opens our minds and makes us less susceptible to the things we desire, and also encourages us to embrace change. Therefore, readers are good at both deals with challenges come into their life journey and overcoming the obstacles.

Builds Your Language Expertise

Reading improves your language proficiency as you expose to different thoughts or ideas with new vocabulary. For example, you can enhance your Bengali language expertise by reading books written in Bengali. Reading can also improve your writing skills as it introduces you to different writers’ writing styles and helps you to find your own.

Helps To Release Stress

Research shows that reading can help to overcome mood disorders, including depression. When we read, the activity dips us in a different world and takes us out from our immediate problems.  Reading lowers our stress levels, improves our self-esteem, and makes us happier. Even a few minutes of reading can drop your stress levels.

why reading is important
Read to relieve stress

Builds You As An Empath

Readers are more empathetic than average people. Whether you read fictions or non-fiction, reading makes your perspectives bigger in different ways. Through reading, you become familiar with some great thoughts and sometimes you may try to understand the motivations of the literary characters. Thus, you may learn to understand and respect other perspectives that develop you into more empathetic.

Enriches Your Relationships

Reading makes us empaths who are naturally good in relationships. Readers can comprehend better other beliefs and desires, even when the practices differ from our own.  The ability to being empath is a crucial element of successful relationships with anybody, including your spouse, family, friends, and colleagues.

Whatever you read fiction, non-fiction, poetry, self-help books, and even encyclopedia, it will develop you into a more knowledgeable one. In my case, it doesn’t matter what I read, but I read regularly. Without reading, I wouldn’t be who I am! In fact, reading is types of education, fun, entertainment, and sometimes escapes from the things I don’t like.

Why reading is important
Read and Dive into Fantasy


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