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Yoga, Structured Water, And Health Benefits

February 11, 2018 admin 3 min read 7 Comments

Yoga, Structured Water, And Health Benefits

February 11, 2018 AUHStyle Contributor 3 min read 7 Comments
Yoga, Structured Water, And Health Benefits

Yoga, Water, & Health

MORE or less we know that water is important for our body. Without water, we will die fairly within a short time. We know that 70 percent of our body is full of water but do we all know our bodies consist of over 99 percent water molecules!

Recently, structured water is a highly preferable topic of discussion among health experts because of its profound health benefits. If your bodies don’t have structured water in the cells, it can force the functioning of protein molecules and others. Structured water is a benefit without effort.

Structured water is balanced water, cohesive, full of photonics light (life force) oxygen-rich, no toxins and easy to drink. It brings only good things into the cells which are good for our life. Typically water in nature is structured, but water filtration processes which we use to clean water unstructured the water.

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We can find structure water in nature easily. When rainwater drops on the ground, it runs over mountains and the water turns and this turning makes the structured water. We should drink structured water from nature for profound health benefits. One way to get structured water is doing yoga with nature.

If you practice yoga, you should know how water work in your body. If your yoga for losing weight, you have to take a lot of stretches that influence the way your body works. You need to consume water for effective yoga practice, particularly structures water. Structured water has a perfect pH which means perfect alkaline balance.

The visible light builds structured water zones in your body. For years, light therapy has been used to medicate various illnesses, such as depression and jaundice. Restructuring water in the cells creates tissue healing, one way of doing this to use infrared radiation or heat. Infrared heat is very effective for ordering cellular water. Sun exposure makes your body create vitamin D which is enormously essential for your health. Yoga with simple sun contact helps to structure the water of your body’s cells, increase blood supply by applying sun heat to the muscle and contribute to improving your health greatly.

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Alternatively, there are reflective benefits of grounding as a yoga practitioner.  If you practice yoga with barefoot on the ground, the health benefits will increase from this simple practice. Your body will receive negative electrons from the earth through the soles of your feet. The earth has a larger negative charge than your body which you will receive by grounding through your feet when you practice yoga in a natural environment. These negatively charged electrons help to increase the structure of water in your cells.

Yoga with sun exposure and barefoot can help to structure water in the cells of your body. Try to drink water from nature and practice yoga in a natural environment and receive profound health benefits.

Written by Asma Hosna. The writer practices yoga for 15 years. She started yoga in her mid-teenage age.

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